There is a business opportunity for a manufacturer to produce the Bertini GT25 under licence in the USA. This is due to high levels of demand in the USA following a successful UK launch. Ideally a West coast and an East Coast licence will be available. Please email me ( if you or your business would like to discuss this opportunity.

USA manufacturing

The Bertini GT25 was launched in May 2014 at the National Kitcar Show.

A calendar of events can be seen in the ABOUT section. Latest media coverage can be seen in the PRESS section.

Kit Prices start from £3750. The body panels are provided pre-bonded with captive nuts, bolts and plates in place.

Z3 stripping, fitting and paint options are available including finished turnkey cars.


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Top quality t-shirts with the Bertini GT25 logo on the front. Available in bule/white and black/grey cotton.


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Bertini GT25 is an everyday kit car built on a BMW Z3. Designed by Anthony Cherry this body replacement kit aims to combine unique styling with everyday practicality.

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- For Bertini GT25 kit orders there is currently a 4 week order time.

- All kits are pre-fitted to our Z3 in the workshop to ensure an easy customer build .

Original Design       british / italian style       bolt-on panels 

    ​daily drive                german reliability          no IVA needed

We have developed and a series of strut braces / bars which fit the BMW Z3, Z3M and Bertini GT25. These are designed to improve the cornering of your car. They include front and rear strut tower braces and a lower rear brace.

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