The Bertini GT25 is an original design, body panel replacement kit to fit all versions of the BMW Z3. The vision is a modern take on classic British / Italian styling coupled with the reliability and interior quality of the German car. A vido of a Bertini being built at the Donnington KIt Car Show can be seen here.


The Bertini project has now been bought by Roger Brown who also runs the owners club. The plan in partnership with Jackson Composite Repair is to get the car back in production . The Bertini website will be developed in due course but for enquiries please use bertini@eleventowns.com

All the moulds are in the Jackson Composite Repair workshops and the first complete set of test mouldings has been completed. A donor has been obtained and the test build is progressing well. Pete Jackson has been working on extra mouldings to avoid the need to source parts from a wide bodied car if the donor is a narrow body model.
rear clam
rear clam